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Triumphant return!

Hello to all four of you who might possibly follow these updates!

Just letting you all know that I'm (mostly) done with school so I'll be getting to those requests now. (: I also transitioned from photoshop CS3 to CS4, and I think you might see a marked improvement in my iconing ability.(or not. i'm mostly fail anyway.)

Finished batches (that need to be uploaded):
Anthony Stewart Head from Free Agents
Summer Glau from 4400
PB Icons for leonard church

Batches I need to start:
Idioter Video (Kent)
Maaaybe I'll be making icons of the new Who episodes.

Am I forgetting anyone/anything?

-- Maria


043: 2000 by Kent

x64 from 2000 by Kent
on request (:
i had two color schemes to work with and couldnt decide which i liked better, so i made both <3
comments are lovely and i do take requests

buildings buildingsCollapse )

041: Owen Pallett

x23 of Owen Pallett aka Final Fantasy
In honor of the upcoming release of Heartland in stores, Jan. 12th.

muzzle meCollapse )

039: Anthony Michael Hall

x103 Anthony Michael Hall (as Johnny Smith in The Dead Zone)

lost...confusedCollapse )

038: Karen Dreijer Andersson

x32 of Karin Dreijer Andersson of the Knife and Fever Ray

I want to be a foresterCollapse )

036: Kristen Dalton

x49 Kristen Dalton (of Dead Zone and other such movies)

Careful! Some images are slightly NSFW.

feeelingCollapse )

035: The Office: Male Prima Donna

x64 The Office: Male Prima Donna

I saw this video and I just HAD to cap it.

you're a male prima donnaCollapse )